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Social Media Management

Bridge the gap between you and your clients in order to create more awareness. Social Media Management through HCS Tech creates top of mind awareness for your product, service, and brand so your clients see you several times a week in their social media feeds. They will help spread the word because they will share your posts. With your direction, we will control your social media presence so you gain more customers and more business.


Social Media Management basics

  • Develop an online strategy for your business and implement that strategy so you have more time to do other things
  • Daily social media posts
    • Search for relevant content to post so you keep clients engaged
    • Interact with you to post events, specials, business happenings and other relevant material worthy of posting so your clients stay informed
    • Schedule posts either daily or multiple times per day in order to have a consistent presence
  • Interacting with clients through social media portals
    • Answering questions posted on social media or directing them to the right person in your organization in order to maintain a quick response
    • Monitoring comments and posts by your customers to ensure a positive online presence
  • Monitoring analytics to verify and quantify results
  • Flat monthly fee and budget


Some immediate benefits include:

  • Increase brand awareness and loyalty
  • Increase website traffic and search optimization so you stay on the first page of search results
  • Lower marketing costs in order to maximize investment
  • Get better leads so you can convert more clients
  • Target your ads to specific customers so you are not wasting ad dollars


The apps are free, posting to the apps is free, so why aren’t more businesses taking advantage of Social Media opportunities? They quickly find out that there is a hidden cost called “your time”.  Here is an excerpt from a recent blog I posted on Social Media Engagement

“My daughter does our social media stuff, she’s on Facebook all the time anyway.”

Social media engagement has simply become a fact of life for any business, big or small. Yes, the platforms are free to inexpensive, but doing social media engagement is very labor intensive. While your daughter (or other millennial you’ve hired) may be a Facebook junkie, do they really understand your business and how to take full advantage of this new media? If you are paying them to be on Facebook, Twitter, etc. how much time are they spending engaging with friends and not clients?

Get Your Business Noticed

Social Media Management that gets results for small business is the new game in town. Be seen where your clients are looking so you are always on their mind. Social Media Management allows you to focus on the specific demographics you need to build your business.

Set up a time to meet with us. We will explain our process and how you can improve your social media presence.

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