Remote Management

Help Desk, Network Security and more

We keep an eye on your systems 24/7

We are notified of problems immediately and can then take action or prevent problems before they occur

Remote management

  • A lot of repairs are completed remotely without disrupting your workflow
  • We take care of systems in the background.
  • You won’t even notice we are working hard to keep you up and running

Remote repair

  • We can fix a lot of things without having to come on site which means they get fixed much faster
  • Remote repair not only saves time, but it saves money for both of us

Anti-virus protection

  • We make sure you protected as best we can against computer viruses
  • Unfortunately we can not guarantee you will never get a virus, but we will ensure that you have the latest protection

Network security

  • We keep hackers out
  • We help prevent you from unauthorized use of your computer systems

Daily off-site backups

  • We make sure your business information is securely saved away from your premises in case of hardware failure or other catastrophe
  • When a failure occurs we restore your data from the last save date
  • We keep deleted data for up to 30 days

Help desk support

  • Have a problem? Give us a call at no additional charge
  • Most of the time a resolution to your issue is simply a free phone call away


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