What is going on with Net Neutrality? Simply put, the FCC decided to lift the regulations they imposed on the Internet in 2015. While it is debatable when the Internet actually started, the first version of the Internet was introduced in the late 1960’s. So, for the first 50 years of the Internet there was no regulation, except self regulation by the businesses and industries building, using, and selling internet services.

The 2015 regulations simply formalized what everyone was doing already, equally sharing the Internet. The problem was the Government got involved. The 2015 regulations broke the ice for the Government then to impose even more regulations. Do we really want the Government running the Internet?

The recent deregulation puts us back to where we were before 2015, an open and free Internet. In my opinion, the FCC realized that if an industry is left alone, competition and market forces will allow it to regulate itself. Many people believe smaller Government and less regulation is a good thing and the FCC apparently agreed.

Some people predict that the big providers will restrict access to certain content by slowing down connections or charging more money to access the restricted content. For example a cable company providing home internet service and on demand movies might restrict, say Netflix, in order to force cable users to pay for the on demand services in lieu of Netflix. In an open and free market, the above scenario is unlikely. The cable company would risk losing users to other providers. Fair and open competition will keep things even. Plus, these practices didn’t happen before 2015, why would they happen now?

The sky is not falling. My opinion is that the current FCC simply said, why do we need Government involvement and regulation when it is simply not needed?

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