Virus Removal for PC and Laptop

Computer running slow and need a tune up

Tune up / Virus Removal. Get your computer running at peak performance.

Think you have a virus?

Computer just not working right? You may have a virus. Let us check it out and get rid of it for you.

Be careful whenever you click on a link and you are not sure where it is taking you, or seems like a “come-on”. Never open a document unless you are sure you know where it came from and what it is. Microsoft and other vendors will NEVER send a pop-up to your screen telling you to call them, it’s a scam. Turn your computer completely off and if you know how, clear your browser cache and history.

However, viruses happen. When you get one, or think you have a virus, let us know and we will take care of you. We will also help you upgrade your virus protection and give you some tips to help prevent viruses in the future

My computer is running slow.

Computer simply running slower than it used to? Programs taking longer to boot up? Maybe you just need a tune-up. There are multiple issues that can make your system run slower. Let us take a look and get rid of all the bad stuff, and maybe even discover a simple problem to get fixed.

Before you go out and spend good money on a new computer, let us see if we can’t tune up your existing computer to work at its peak performance level.

Update your computer.

Older computers sometimes do not have enough RAM – memory – to run the latest software or browsers. Upgrading or adding memory is an inexpensive way to get more performance out of you existing computer. Hard drives are mechanical devices that do not last forever. One computer adage that holds true is. “It’s not a matter of if your hard drive will fail but a matter of when”. HCS Tech can save all of your data and put it on a new hard drive. We can even provide a back up disk for you to archive your old data.

Free Assessment

HCS Tech does not charge you anything for an initial analysis of your computer problems. Some quick fixes are even done for free. Bring your system in and have us look at it. We will tell you if it is worth getting fixed and give you an estimate on the cost, all at no charge.

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