New Hardware at a Great Price

Never Buy Again

Rent computers and never buy a computer again

Why Rent Computers?

Under our innovative rental program, you never have to purchase another computer for your business. Think of the way we use cell phones. You buy a plan that includes a phone and every 2 years you get a new phone, you never go out of date.

Well, the same thing applies to computers. The rental package puts you on a three to four year replacement plan. We update your equipment with new equipment every 3-4 years and you never get behind the technology curve.

By putting all new equipment on a rental package, you also avoid some of the biggest problems in managing small business IT.

  • All of your computers and software will be compatible
  • You no longer have to face buying a new computer when money might be a little tight
  • Computer hardware becomes an operation cost vs. a capital expense
  • You have happy employees who are not frustrated by having to use old technology

Have existing computers?

HCS Tech will buy your existing computers. We take your existing equipment, erase the hard drives and reconfigure the systems for sale in our retail outlet. Or, if you choose, you can donate the computers to a worthy cause or sell them to employees.

We recommend replacing all of your computers at one time. If you rent computers, you can eliminate the initial capital outlay and pay for your computer usage over the life of the systems. This concept is known as Hardware As A Service or HAAS.

Tax advantages

Discuss possible tax advantages of renting with your tax professional. If you rent computers, you never own them which typically means you can expense the monthly rental fee and avoid amortization of the equipment. Also, why spend needed capital for your business on computers when you can invest that money back into your business to generate more income.

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