Mac Repair

We fix all Iphones, Ipads, and MacBooks

You take pride in owning an Apple product. We take pride in our Mac Apple repair.

  • iPhone screen replacement
  • iPad screen replacement
  • OSX upgrades
  • Hard Drive replacement and upgrades
  • Memory replacement and upgrades
  • Battery replacement
  • Port repair
  • Keyboards and Trackpads


iPhone Repair

We fix all types of phones. Stop in, HCS Tech keeps most iPhone screens and parts in stock so most repairs are done without delay. If HCS Tech doesn’t have a particular part it can always be ordered for delivery in a day or two. Customers are called when the part comes in. You bring the device in and get it fixed while waiting.


Mac Apple Repair

iMac, MacBook, MacBook Air, it doesn’t matter. Bring your device in for a free assessment. HCS Tech will tell you what we think is wrong and get your approval before we proceed. If we find something else wrong we’ll call you with the new estimate before we continue. As a caveat, HCS Tech is not an authorized Mac Repair shop. So, we will let you know if it is better to take it back to the Mac Store, or if it makes sense for us to proceed.

Why do computers always break at the worst time? When your computer is down, bring it in, or give us call. We’ll get you up and running if at all possible.

Our techs are also trained to give you sound advice, such as, is it really worth spending the money to get it fixed. We are stocking up on refurbished systems and perhaps it is time for you to replace that old broken down machine for one that we have fixed up to work like new.



We replace all iPad screens and do other minor repairs. Issues like a bad charging port, broken home button, not charging, and other common issues can be fixed in a day or two if we need to order parts. Sometimes, we can fix it while you wait.


iPod iWatch

We don’t see too many iPods or iWatches, but we can usually tell you right away if there is something we can fix or not.

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